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Work on Climate - September Edition

Hosted by Devina Shah & Luis Pereira
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Climate Circle Lisbon presents....Work on Climate

​​​​We are a group of people that meet up once a month to learn, network and talk about all things climate. Join us at our next one in the Goethe Institute!

​​​​​​​​We have a slot for two speakers, a Q&A session on the subject in focus, as well as a discussion circle and networking session at the end. We have lined up the following (very exciting) speakers...


  • ​​Sasi Kandasamy - Founder of Urbem Forests, a social collective made up entirely of volunteers who are working together towards a common vision of returning people to forests, the earth and each other.

  • ​​​Federico Cristoforoni - Cofounder of Net Zero Insights, whose mission is to enable the transition to a sustainable future by giving decision-makers access to the leading market intelligence platform on climate innovation.

​​​​​We are all working on or interested in different aspects of advancing solutions and justice in the face of climate change, and we believe bringing together people working on cross-cutting issues is important. So please feel welcome....there is lots of learning to be had.

​​​​​​​Feel free to bring snacks please...we will have some but if you are keen on something you'd like to share, we will all appreciate it.

​​​​​​​​See you there! 

​​Nearest metro: Intendente or Avenida

​​IMPORTANT: enter the institute and go down the small stairs. walk into the library and you will see our event :)