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Founder Talent Strategy Session

Hosted by Jump Capital & Trisha Degg
Past Event
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People make companies great. They can also...make them less great.

Jump is bringing together a small group of founders to discuss top-of-mind topics before breaking out into breakout sessions to dig into topics and build out strategies.

​To provide you with value and real actionable insights, this workshop lasts a little over an hour and begins at 8:30am CT - allowing you grab your first or second coffee of the day before settling in to talk talent, people, and culture with Trisha.

Our Agenda:

  • 10 Min | Introduction

  • 10 Min | Matt Kunkel, Founder & CEO, LogicGate - Lessons learned on this journey

  • 5 Min | Q&A

  • 10 Min | Topic 1: Employee Retention and Engagement

    • How are you tackling retaining employees in an uncertain environment? How are you keeping them engaged, especially after a downsizing or at least, little to no pay increases?

  • 5 Min | Group Chat

  • 10 Min | Topic 2: Training & Development

    • What do you offer for training and development? Stipends per employee? Trying to do more with less? If so, what creative ideas do you have? Biggest need for training in your org right now?

  • 5 Min | Group Chat

  • 10 Min | Topic 3: Building & Maintaining Culture

    • As a small startup, how are you defining your culture? If you are a larger org, how do you maintain through the growth?

  • 5 Min | Group Chat

  • 10 Min | Topic 4: Wild Card

    • Anything else you want to cover? Any big challenges you want to work out with the group?

  • 5 Min | Goodbye, thanks for coming!