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Workplace Wellbeing Summit - A World Wellbeing Week Event

Hosted by FidlLeaf
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About Event

A World Wellbeing Week event for HR leaders, wellbeing champions and people managers.

​Workplace wellbeing is so much more than lunchtime yoga and perks apps. So we've brought together a diverse group of experts to share their thoughts, advice and insight on how you can make wellbeing inclusive and accessible in your company.

After the success of our World Wellbeing Week event last year, we are proud to announce another fantastic line up for this year!

Join us for a 45-minute lunchtime workshop - All week during World Wellbeing Week.

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Line Up:

Monday: Personal Development For Your Team - A 'Train The Trainer' Session.

With: Sophie Coulthard from FidlLeaf.

Tuesday: How Flexible Working And Shared Experiences Can Benefit Both People And The Company.

With: Jess Heagren from That Works For Me and Souky Arsalane from Zing Groups.

Wednesday: Sustainability And Bringing Nature Into The Workplace - How To Make It Part Of Your Wellbeing Agenda.

With Parisa Wright from Sustainability Wright, Hamish Grant from Square Mile Farms and Chloe Sweden from Plants + Perks.

Thursday: Stressors, Stress & Strategies for Coping - A Session For HR Leaders.

With: Amy Johnston from Urban Wellness Counselling.

Friday: Waking Up To Mindfulness + Bonus Mindful DJ Session!

With Kareen Griffiths from Calmify. This session is suitable for all employees, not just HR professionals, so we recommend inviting everyone!