Cover Image for Web3 Splash #7: The Bitcoin Halving Edition
Cover Image for Web3 Splash #7: The Bitcoin Halving Edition
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Web3 Splash #7: The Bitcoin Halving Edition

Hosted by Poolside
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Join us Poolside on April 18 from 6:30 PM for a panel discussion on the highly anticipated Bitcoin Halving of 2024!

Dive into the heart of crypto as we unpack the mysteries and implications of this month's hottest topic.

18:30-19:00: Arrivals & Networking
19:00-19:45: Panel discussion
19:45-21:00: Networking, music, drinks and PIZZA! 🍕

Moderator: Tomás Damas Nunes,, Ex-Bitget, Full-time Degen

Guest Speakers: 

Listen from industry experts and mingle with our vibrant community as we break down Bitcoin's supply mechanism and its market impact - and how it potentially affects your wallet. Whether you're a crypto pro or a curious newbie, everyone's welcome.

What we'll talk about:

  • Why is the Bitcoin Halving such a big deal

  • How Bitcoin's economy is changing the game

  • What comes next: How previous halvings have affected the price of Bitcoin, how market sentiment and investor behavior might change and, also, what are long-term implications of the halving for Bitcoin's development and its place in the global financial landscape.

Make sure to join the conversation! Listen in for panel insights, but don't be shy to throw your burning questions into the mix.

See you at the Poolside!

Meet the Speakers:

  • Tomás Damas Nunes: Tomás is a Web3 enthusiast who promotes financial literacy and widespread adoption. He has experience in the blockchain industry in business development and public relations for some of the biggest Exchanges. As an experienced lecturer, moderator, and consultant, he educates audiences all around the world to successfully navigate the dynamic Web3 world.

  • Guilherme Sanchez: Guilherme’s passionate about Bitcoin, crypto, Web3, blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize various industries. Author of "Hodl! The Book", he dedicated to educating others about the benefits and opportunities within the crypto space. He had a podcast and a private learning group, where he explored different crypto ecosystems. He always kept his mentorship style and education in the crypto community, being an invited teacher at NOVA FCT and joining Kraken as OTC Sales, where he focused on OTC products, such as sport trading, lending/borrowing and options. Today, he’s an OTC Trader and he has been dealing with flow trading execution, quoting, risk hedging and market analysis. As a plus, he also owns a pizzeria where he likes to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day.

  • Javi Del Olmo: 10+ years as Quality Assurance Engineer with a focus on Automation, currently "automating" Rootstock blockchain to provide reliability across the ecosystem products.

  • Francisco Quadrio Monteiro: Bachelor's degree in Economics, Master's degree in Finance, worked for over 4 years in the Financial Sector, Personal Finance Content Creator, currently engaged in Consulting related to Bitcoin.

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