Cover Image for Web3 Splash #3: From Web3 to World Domination
Cover Image for Web3 Splash #3: From Web3 to World Domination
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Web3 Splash #3: From Web3 to World Domination

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Time for Round 3 of Web3 Splash at Poolside Lisbon, with Bianca Pham, Chief Product Officer at RKD (arcade!), as guest speaker to talk about Web3’s far-reaching impact.

With an extensive background in product and program management, as well as a deep expertise in emerging technologies, including blockchain, big data, payments, AI, and NFTs, Bianca has made her mark across numerous industries. From music and sports to entertainment, consumer tech, banking, and beyond, Bianca has played an integral part in developing products for Nike, Moonpay, Apple, JPMorgan and more.

In this week's discussion, "From Web3 to World Domination", Bianca will be diving headfirst into all things Web3, its potential applications and transformative impact it can have on both the global economy and everything we do online.

​Event Details:

​​🗓️ Date: Tuesday, November 7
⏰ Time:
6:00 pm - 6:45 pm: Welcome & Networking
​6:45 pm - 7:30 pm: Speaker Session & Q&A
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm: Networking & Happy Hour
​📍 Location: Poolside Lisbon

About the Speaker:

  • Currently, Chief Product Officer of RKD leading the product creation, strategy, and development of a blockchain-enabled loyalty platform.

  • Currently, Advisor to 0xIntuition Protocol, a decentralized identity solution and social graph

  • ​Led Product for MoonPay’s NFT Minting Infrastructure platform HyperMint which powered Universal Studios, Nike, FOX, Alo Yoga NFT drops and more

  • ​Led Product Development for DC Comics NFTMarketplace and Batcowl NFT Collection as well as managed product strategy for Microsoft Xbox, UMG UK, and Archie Comics at Palm NFT Studio

  • ​Head of Drop Ops for a Music Startup called RCRDSHP on Flow Blockchain, trying to be the TopShot for EDM music and was invested in by Roham G

  • ​Product Director for Nike’s new Tech Innovation Team that was brought on to bring Nike's Cryptokicks patent into beta and co-created the foundation of Nike’s new Metaverse Studio

  • ​Senior Engineering PM for Apple Pay creating their first beta testing program which launched the Apple Card, Apple Cash for Kids, multiple transit passes in the Wallet, and driver’s license in Wallet

  • ​Senior Engineering PM on the Applied Machine Learning team to manage their operations and logistics machine learning program. Also, won wan award from leadership for management of GDPR

  • ​Big Data Analytics Team at JPMorgan  having worked on cleansing your bank transactions and personalizing the data user experience in the Chase App

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R. Acácio de Paiva 19 21, 1700-003 Lisboa, Portugal
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