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Web3Privacy Now: Community 1st

Hosted by Mykola & PG_CDG | Web3Privacy Now
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About Event

Simply the biggest web3 x privacy gathering in Italy with speakers from the USA, Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Israel. We focus on the future of the internet & privacy's core role in it.

Privacy is a key topic in the internet. Both Big Tech like Apple or Meta, governments from the USA to Italy, and open tech like Ethereum dedicate lots of efforts & investments into the privacy market.

Meanwhile, the privacy community is highly scattered around continents, software or beliefs & there's no consensus on the topic. Corporations want to continue selling human data via surveillance capitalism business models, while governments oppose GDPR-alike laws on data management.

Web3Privacy now creates an open platform for discussing cutting-edge solutions to privacy management, payments, identity, decentralised organisations, and secured online storage via the web3 umbrella.

Visit our Community 1st Rome gathering & receive answers to the critical questions:

  • How to make the internet a safe place?

  • What are the different takes on privacy (corporate, government, open-source community)?

  • What tools do we need to build network-level privacy?

  • What's the role of cryptography in data safety?

  • How cross-actor collaboration could happen?

  • How can we balance between open-source culture & financial sustainability behind projects?

  • How can we onboard 100K developers & 10M users behind privacy tech?

Tooling, resources, people 🧩
We will focus on what matters most for the privacy progress.


14:00 - Registration
15:00 / 19:00 - Conference
19:00 / 21:00 - Aperitif, Live music, Dinner
21:00 / 01:00 - ETHRome Opening Party


Privacy Pools Panel
@tsu_kareta & @mesquka [RailGun_]
@AndreaTogni [Monero] @CarloC [urbe.eth lawyer]

Hacktivism in practice: past, present & the future
@jaromil [Dyne]

Tornado cash x Activism
@blockblanc [CryptoCanal]

You have nothing to hide!
@vpavlin [Status, Logos State, Waku]

Vitalik: Off-Chain Privacy Solutions are needed
@rikzrh [HOPR]

Fostering privacy communities in web3
@PG_CDG & @limone_eth [ETHRome] @costgallo [Swarm]

Empowering builders to make better privacy solutions
@Catsnaks [PSE] @Serinko [NYM]

Securing the solarpunks: Ethereum validators privacy
@Serinko [NYM]

Privacy ecosystems in play
@azaidelson [Secret Network]

Leveraging web2 for web3 proof of personhood
@r_prokh [Questbook]

Encrypting to the Future:
Tim May's Timed-Release Encryption made reality
@vincenzoiovino [Aragon ZK Research]


Conference complements research projects Web3Privacy Now, privacy hackathon ETHBrno & privacy summit W3PSN1.

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