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Cover Image for Web3 META HUB
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Hosted by Mehmet Sait Gümüş Web3HUB Kas & 3 others
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Beşiktaş, İstanbul
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About Event

Web3 META HUB & Preda Hackathon ( $10K Prize Pool)

This event will provide a perspective on how Turkey is adopting, developing, and potential in blockchain technology. We invite everyone involved in technology, law, education and entrepreneurship to this valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking.


👉Co-hosts:  Web3 Hub Kas, BAU Investment Club

​​​👉Partners: ChainIDE , Alibaba Cloud , Coffee with Crypto, Preda, Unbundl, White Matrix, Matrix World, SeeDao, 4Seas, AirDao, GSUBlockchain

​​​👉Media Sponsors: BTC HABER, ANKA Dijital

​​​​​🔽 Event Agenda 🔽 

📙 Opening Speech - Journey of Web3 2017 - 2023 

10:00AM - 10:20AM

  • Xiao Wu, Founder of ChainIDE & White Matrix

  • Mehmet Sait Gümüş, Founder of Web3Hub Kaş

🎯 Keynote 

10:20AM - 10:35AM

  • Anthurine Xiang, BD & Marketing , Founding partner ETH Storage

🎯 Keynote

10:35 - 10:50

  • Suji Yan , Founder of MASK NETWORK

📙 Panel 1 - Being Developer Community 

10:50AM - 11:30AM

  • Şule Sinikoğlu, NTT DATA Business Solutions Frontend

  • Cihan Uygur, Head of Community of 0xWilds

  • Şen Ferhat, Founder of - Blockchain Developer

  • Ekin Tuna, Society Lead at TON

  • Tarık Eroğlu, Ceo at Finderex

📙 Panel 2 - Web3 Ecosystem in META & East Asia

11:30AM - 12:15PM

  • Yaodong Li / Ali, Web3 Lead @Alibaba Cloud MEA

  • Xiao Wu, Founder of ChainIDE & White Matrix

  • Han Tang, Co-founder of SeeDAO

  • Lang Mei, Co-founder of AirDAO

  • Link, Core Contributor of 4Seas

  • Eden Lee, Partner Ecosystem Manager at ByteDance/TikTok

Lunch Break

12:15PM - 01:15PM

🎯 Keynote - Fireside Chat & A.M.A (Ask Me Anything)

01:15PM - 01:35PM

  • Aqeel Mohammad from ETH Foundation

  • Xiao Wu, Founder of ChainIDE & White Matrix

📙 Panel 3 - 3 Main Obstacle for Mass Adoption & Regulations




01:35PM - 02:15PM

  • Isa Sertkaya, CTO of Silent Protokol

  • Tarık Eroğlu, Founder & CEO of Finderex

  • Erdem Mümtaz Hacıpaşaoğlu, Managing Partner of Vircon Legal & CEO of Clemta

  • Elçin Karatay, Managing Partner @Solak Partner

  • Atakan Karataş, Founder of Karataş Partners


02:15PM - 03:15PM

Dr. Wang Hao ,Developer at PREDA, Research Scientist at Ohio State University

"🚀 Preda Hackathon Begins: A Hybrid Innovation Event

🌟 Keynote Speech: Kicking off with an inspiring keynote by Dr. Wang Hao, the Preda Hackathon brings together participants from around the world, both in-person in Istanbul and online.

🏆 Rewards: While we understand reward is not the primary focus at ETH Devconnect, we'd like to offer:

- ​A prize pool of up to 10K USDT for all winners

💡 About the PREDA Team: The PREDA team consists of experts with 5 years of experience in distributed parallel computing, computer graphics, and blockchain technology, hailing from leading organisations such as Microsoft, AMD, and Ohio State University.

🌐 Participation and Innovation: This special event is not just a hackathon, but also a meeting point. Offering unique opportunities for both local and global communities. Whether participating in person in Istanbul or online from anywhere in the world, it's an open space for everyone.

🎉 Let's Get Started! We are eager to see you at this innovative and exciting event. The Preda Hackathon is the perfect opportunity to showcase your boundary-pushing ideas and projects."

📙 Panel 4 - "Global Innovation & Opportunities in Web3 & Turkey"

03:15PM - 03:55PM

  • Mete Ali Başkaya, Head of Blockhain of NERF IT!

  • Bora Erdamar, Director of BlockhainIST & Lecturer @Bahçeşehir University

  • Tansel Kaya, CEO of Mindstone Blockchain Labs & Lecturer @Kadir Has University

  • Elif Hilal Umucu, Building Chainlink Turkey/Boston

  • Alen, Co-Founder of y2z Ventures

  • Ryan, BD at World Mobile

🎯Keynote - Nurturing Brilliance: Unleashing Turkey’s Developer Potential with DoraHacks

  • Melikşah Eminoğlu, Business Development Analyst at DoraHacks

📙 Startup Pitching

04:05PM - 04:55PM

Each Startup has 10 minutes.

  • ​Ekin Odacioglu -  NERF IT! : Web3 platform enriched with crypto and NFT where you can participate in tournaments, events within esports.

  • ​Anıl Öz -  Dats Project : (Distributed Advanced Technological Services) develops services focused on Blockchain cyber security.

  • Paff Studios - A virtual experience with no-code editor.

  • ​Eray Kışkan - Legal Technology: Proof of Lawsuit

  • Uğur İşbuyuran - Digitaliga : Digitaliga is a Digital Football Platform Provider for Football Clubs. It increases the communication between Football Clubs and their Fans and creates different experiences for the fans

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Beşiktaş, İstanbul
318 Going