Cover Image for Priming Your Startup For The Bull Market
Cover Image for Priming Your Startup For The Bull Market
Private Event

Priming Your Startup For The Bull Market

Hosted by Darpan Keswani
Past Event
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Tactics Web3 founders can use to make informed product & business decisions that’ll set them up for success in the bull market. This includes how to narrow down on core competencies, lead by product, save on expenses (e.g. custody fees 🙂) and conserve capital.

The webinar will explore this from a DeFi product, dApp, and DAO perspective.

It will also cover how a VC can add value to your strategy. Not only in terms of fundraising, but connecting you to the right network to enable your long-term success.


  • Introduction To Presenters (10 minutes)

    • Mod (DK, CMO, atato)

  • Bear Market Building: Observations from a VC .

    • Stephany Zoo (Ecosystem Lead, Alpha Lab Capital)

  • Measures & Advice For Conserving Capital & Gearing Up For The Bull

    • What’s Next After Fundraising: Treasury & Runway Management Principles

      • Headquarters (Alex, COO,

    • How To Lead By Product: Narrowing Down on Core Competencies.

      • Atato (Guillaume Le Saint, Co-Founder, atato)

    • Building A Network: Can Partners Help From Bull To Bear To Bull?

    • The Importance of Community Building & How To Build Longer-Lasting Companies

      • APAC DAO (Nicole Nguyen, CEO, APAC DAO)

  • Ending Remarks