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W&M Academy Summer School: The Artist Team - Today & Tomorrow

Hosted by diana
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About Event

Team-building has been top-of-mind for our community and the music industry at large, as artists weather the storm of the current market, and try to navigate a slew of oncoming emerging technologies (across Web3, the metaverse, streaming, and much more) to understand what it means for their careers.

In this landscape, we're excited to launch a new Summer School speaker series highlighting how artist teams look today — and how they might look tomorrow.

Join us as we take a close-up, comprehensive look at seven different roles on the artist team — from the most important role of all (artist) to more traditional industry roles (manager, agent), and more emerging ones (community-builders). For each of these roles, we'll examine how they are evolving, the challenges they face, and the opportunities for improvement ahead.

The goal of this series is to break down traditional industry silos and encourage cross-pollination of strategies and tactics across roles, in the spirit of collaborative research and knowledge-sharing in the music industry. We also hope to provide the builders of today and tomorrow with a better understanding of pain points across the industry — and a launching pad from which to ideate on possible solutions!

Our 3 week course divides into 7 sessions (full speaker line-up TBC)!:
Tue, July 19 @ 2pm EST - Artists
Speakers: Matthew Chaim, TOMI, Tom Vek

Thu, July 21 @ 2pm EST - Managers
Speakers: Taren Smith (YMU), Mikael Moore (Wondaland), Daouda Leonard (Create Safe)

Tue, July 26 @ TBC EST - Labels
Speakers: Nick Sylvester (godmode), Sam Valenti (Ghostly/All Flowers), Jess Page (Rareform)

Tue, July 28 @ 2pm EST - Agents
Speakers: Tom Windish (Wasserman), Phil Quist (CAA), Geoff Sawyer (UTA)

Mon, Aug 1 @ 12pm EST - World-Builders
Speakers: Sebastian Mysko (Rising Agency), Pablo Smith (Somewhere Systems), Anne McKinnon (Ristband)

Wed, Aug 3 @ TBC EST - Audience Builders
Speakers: Adrian Burger (lafter), Duncan Byrne (Anjuna), TBA  

Fri, Aug 5 @ 2pm EST - Community Builders
Speakers: Hayley Rosenblum (Patreon), Kenny Layton (Discord), Sean Adams (Drowned in Sound)

How do I attend?
This course is open to all paid W&M members. Feel free to register for the whole series, or choose a la carte!

I'm not a paid Water & Music member, can I still attend?
Unfortunately, at this time the series is only for paid Water & Music members (though future academies may be made available a la carte). Sign up today to access this series, our paid newsletter, our vibrant Discord community, our in-depth databases, and to support our research - for $20 a month (or buy one of our NFTs!)

I can't make one of the live sessions - will this be recorded?
Yes, these sessions will be recorded & available to all paid W&M members! We're still finalizing where these will live - but they will be uploaded the week following.