Cover Image for Museums in Web3
Cover Image for Museums in Web3
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Museums in Web3

Hosted by Moonstruck & Ivana Ehrensvärd
Past Event
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Join us for an insightful event at the National Museum in Belgrade, dedicated to exploring the potential of Web3 technologies in the museum sector. This gathering will bring together professionals and experts to discuss the implications and opportunities that Web3 presents for museums. This event is an excellent opportunity for museum professionals and gallerists to gain a comprehensive understanding of Web3 technologies and their applications in the cultural sector.


11:00 - Gathering

11:30 - Introduction to the Web3 World for Museum Professionals

  • Speaker: Ivana Ehrensvärd

12:00 - 13:00 - Panel Discussion: "Museums in Web3"

  • Speakers:

    • Diane Drubay, Founder of / WAC Lab

    • Irina Andelic, Blockchain Consultant at Uniblock

  • Moderator: Ivan Manojlović, International Cooperation Manager at Nova Iskra

13:00 - 14:00 - Legal Framework for Museums in Web3 in Serbia

  • Speakers:

  • Ilija Rilaković, Web3 Attorney

  • Aleksandar Matanović, Co-founder of ECD cryptocurrency exchange

National Museum of Serbia
Trg republike 1а, Beograd 104303, Serbia
95 Going