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MEV and Intents Day at Devconnect Istanbul

Hosted by Restaking Cloud
Past Event
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Join us on November 16th for an insightful event at Devconnect in Istanbul discussing the future of Ethereum and the blockchain with MEV and Intents.

More details on the event and speakers will be announced soon.

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Join us to learn and discuss the current MEV and Intents landscape and how we can optimize it.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Basics on MEV and intents infrastructure

  • Credible commitment contracts for order flow auctions (single/cross)

  • Building on an intents based infrastructure 

  • State extension with parallel domains for intents

  • GETH+ a new variant of GETH with a shared state data availability

  • MEV+ an overview of the new modular proxy for MEV coordination (MEV-Boost alternate)

  • What is needed to decentralize the MEV supply chain 

Stay tuned for more information and join us November 16th to stay at the forefront of the evolving blockchain landscape.