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Hosted by Noemia McCarthy, vicktoria klich & JDT
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🎉 Join us for another exciting event as we kick off Blockchain week with

​💸 This is your chance to learn more about tokenising your company and hearing the latest insights from HTGF, HV Capital & reignite

​We offer vibes and more with our favourite Partners Milano Vice & Jägermeister, as well as delicious 🍻 from Metabrew Society!


- 6:30pm - Open Doors, get some nice 🍻 from Metabrew
- 7:15pm - Kickoff Presentation by Christoph Jentzsch + Panel Discussion
- 8:00pm - 🍕 by Milano Vice and lot of Vibes

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions regarding the event! :)

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