AI-First User Interfaces: Explore the future of product design

Hosted by Niklas & 5 others
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About Event

Today's AI chat interfaces are skeuomorphic, and many products try to retrofit AI into existing UIs. We believe that AI-first design is key to driving mainstream adoption and usefulness of AI in our everyday lives.

Therefore, we are hosting an event to explore how AI will revolutionize user experiences, transforming interfaces from simple tools to intelligent, anticipatory partners. This event is a gateway to the next wave in tech, where we'll discuss the potential of AI-first design.

Join us to shape the future where AI isn't just a feature, but the heart of user interaction.


@fabianstelzer / @heyglif

@thesephist / AI @NotionHQ

Celina Messner / Clare&Me

@AviSchiffmann / Tab

@RvRoo / @raycastapp


The event is hosted by Interface Capital and Quick Coffee with the help of our friends at GLS/NXT Design Studio.

Please note: The latest entry time is 7pm.

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Merantix AI Campus Berlin
Max-Urich-Straße 3, 13355 Berlin, Germany