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Queer Asian Mental Health Club 🌈✨

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​Queer Asian Mental Health Club is a virtual meeting space to reflect, heal, & become empowered in our identities. 🌈✨

​Queer Asian Mental Health Club is created in collaboration with Asian Mental Health Project, Queer Asian Social Club, and Jemarc Axinto.Β  Join our bi-weekly sessions as we discuss topics such as healing through trauma, decolonizing queer spaces, and owning our personal queer timelines. Discussions will be led by the incredible Jemarc Axinto and every session will include a grounding meditation, journaling exercises, and small group activities. Come and reflect, heal, and learn something new about yourself and your community. Make new friends, ask questions, or turn your camera off and cry… or all of the above! You’re welcome here, just as you are. πŸ’–

​Please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to join.

Disclaimer: Taking part in the Asian Mental Health Project Mental Health community requires guidelines that exist to keep our facilitators and participants safe. This is not a clinical support group; it is a peer-led community wellness space that is hosted on Zoom and not HIPAA compliant. Our community groups are not replacement for therapy and Asian Mental Health Project does not provide 1-1 counseling. Facilitators are here to provide educational opportunities, not professional advice. In this community, we encourage you to share your personal experiences using β€œI” statements. We acknowledge the importance of privacy and ask that you share the lessons you learn from the community, but not the stories that were shared in the community. When you share, please be mindful of your fellow facilitators and participants. We work to protect folks in this space as best as possible.