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ETHCC Infra Breakfast - Powered by Shima x Zee Prime

Hosted by Hazel Chen & 3 others
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Paris, Île-de-France
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Get ready for an interactive and engaging morning at Zee Prime Capital and Shima Capital, where you can enjoy a delightful breakfast and tapas with your frens! ☕ 🥐

Join us as we delve into thought-provoking discussions on topics like Modular Blockchain, Restaking, Cross-chain Messaging, Functionality and Scalability in Layer 1s, Commerce and Social Applications, and more.

There will also be plenty of time for networking and coffee. Don't miss the opportunity to network with industry leaders, establish invaluable connections, and contribute to the dynamic conversations!

🔥 Agenda & Speaker Update!

9 AM Breakfast & Welcome

10:20-11:00 AM
Panel #1 Multi-chain Landscape with Modular, Restaking, Cross-chain Messaging

  • Warren Anderson, Co-founder & CEO, Exogenous/Exocore

  • Trevor Porter, Protocol Engineer, Hyperlane

  • Richard Adjei, Co-founder, Orb Labs,

  • Alex Lin, Head of Research & Investor, Shima Capital

  • Moderator: Rapolas, Partner, Zee Prime Capital

11AM Lunch Break

12:00-12:40 PM
Panel #2 Innovations in Layer1 - Functionality and Scalability

1:20-2:00 PM
Panel #3 The Next Wave of Web3 Applications

📝 More details:

Hyperlane is a modular and permissionless interoperability protocol. Applications can customize and compose security for cross-chain messages, and Hyperlane can be deployed to any chain by anyone

Exocore is an omnichain restaking protocol powering an open market for decentralized trust. Exocore aggregates the underlying decentralized security of any blockchain, and extends it to any network, which reduces the bootstrapping phase of decentralized services, generates new fee revenue for restakers, and enhances yield among validators at no additional capital cost.

Orb Labs is a leading interoperability company focused on chain abstraction, the final piece for blockchain scalability. Orb Labs is building a single unified layer that enables users to easily manage and interact with their accounts, tokens, and favorable dApps on any chain without the friction of bridging or hopping across chains. This is particularly valuable in a world with thousands of rollups and several L1s.

Artela is an extensible blockchain network enabling developers to build feature rich dApps. At Artela, we are dedicated to enhancing the extensibility of blockchain, empowering developers to easily customize their apps in a modular manner and driving faster innovations in Web3.

Monad is helping the Ethereum Virtual Machine scale to 1 billion transactions per day (10,000 per second) through superscalar architecture. Monad introduces parallel and asynchronous execution to the EVM, resulting in a new layer-1 blockchain with full bytecode compatibility, 1-second block times, and single-slot finality, while preserving reasonable hardware requirements and a high degree of decentralization. Our mission is to help decentralization scale.

Holyheld is the only web3 debit card you need. Manage your on-chain and off-chain finances from a non-custodial wallet of your choice.

Peanut Protocol lets you send anything to anyone. Just send a link and pop it right in the chat where you're talking about a payment, thereby skipping the web3 identity nightmare.

Tangem owns and promotes the technology of hardware cold-wallet for digital assets with secure and simple UX in 170 countries today. The customers enjoy setup time within 1 minute with the ultimate security level for digital assets on their wallet. Tangem solutions offer multi-support of a growing number of thousands of tokens by a single wallet.

3RM is building enterprise B2B software solutions enabled by blockchain technology. Our pilot product, a Telegram CRM, has enabled sales operations for some of the best teams in web3. 3RM is aiming to build tools that support the end-to-end customer lifecycle.

🏠 Hosted by:

Shima Capital: Early stage VC firm investing in disruptive web3 and blockchain technology companies

Zee Prime Capital: Boring and uninspiring ideas One hit wonders / Bought the right coins at the right time / Pure mediocrity Also known as “and others”

Disclaimer: photos taken during the event may be posted online after the event