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Proof Day: Real-World ZKP

Hosted by Afra & 5 others
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Bruxelles, Bruxelles
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One day I woke up, and saw his tweet:


On Proof Day Brussels, we explore the use cases and the real-world applications for ZKPs, and how we can accelerate the entire space TOGETHER.


1:15 PM - Yi Tong, COO of NEBRA Labs
UPA: Nebra's Universal Proof Aggregation for a Unified Ethereum

1:25 PM - Shumo Chu, CEO and Co-founder of NEBRA Labs
NEBRA OS: The End Game Rollup Stack for Everyone

1:40 PM - 0xTaker, Co-founder of Aori
Are zkAMMs still relevant?

1:55 PM - 2:10 Buffer time

2:10 PM - Jeremy Bruestle, CEO of RISC Zero
ZK Proofs Unleashed: Real-World Applications and Production-Ready Solutions

2:25 PM - Uma Roy, CEO of Succinct
zkVMs: How SP1 is making ZK easy, cheap, and production-ready

2:40-2:50 Buffer time

2:50 PM - Zac Williamson, CEO of Aztec
how 2 noir gud

3:10 PM - Andrew Huang, CEO of Conduit
Why launching your own rollup can save your startup

3:30 PM - Orkun Kilic, Co-founder and CEO of Citrea
Understanding Optimistically Verified ZK Proofs of Citrea

3:45 PM - 4:00 PM Buffer time

4:00 PM - Mo Dong, Co-founder of Brevis
Brevis: a smart ZK coprocessor

4:15 PM - 4:30 PM Aayush, zkEmail

4:30 PM - Ed Felten, Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Offchain Labs
Practical Interoperability

4:45 PM - Kitty, Rarimo Protocol
Proof-of-Citizenship; the rise of digital civilian movements

5:00 PM - Leo Alt, Co-founder of Powdr Labs
powdr: Building Efficient zkVMs with Multi-Prover Support

5:15 PM - DCBuilder, Worldcoin Foundation
Proof-based World ID: when volume meets end users

5:30 PM - Mark Tyneway, Co-founder of Optimism
The Path to Stage 2

5:45 PM - Mohamed Baioumy, Founder of Exo Labs
Decentralized AI

6:00 PM - Ismael Hishon-Rezaizadeh, Founder and CEO of Lagrange
Hyper-Parallel ZK Proving with Lagrange

6:15 PM - Luca Donno, Researcher at L2Beat
ZK Catalog: shining light in the ZK black box

Proof Day is generously supported by Aori, Lagrange, Galxe, Citrea, Powdr Labs, and Brevis

The event ticketing system, “Proof Pass“, is a community project powered by Nebra UPA and Galxe Identity Protocol.

It uses the Galxe Identity Protocol to enhance in real life event check-ins by generating a unique identity for you. This identity enables ZKP-based attestations, allowing for secure and private check-ins, QR code scans, and more.

More details about Proof Pass are coming soon...

Section 1: Emerging ZK Infra

On Proof Day, we challenge the current state of ZK infrastructure with the following questions:

  • How can we make ZK more accessible to developers and transform it from seeming like rocket science to a day-to-day technology?

  • How can we lower the cost of proving and verification?

  • How can more efficient zkVMs speed up ZKP adoption?

Section 2: AI + ZK

With a significant explosion of LLMs, Proof Day delves deep into the latest advancements and developments in AI. This exploration includes:

  • Scaling Trust with Cryptography: Leveraging Verifiable Computation when LLMs’ capabilities are growing exponentially

  • Decentralizing Models: Benefits, processes, and use cases

  • Verifiable Machine Learning Use Cases: Exploring practical applications

Section 3: ZK-powered Consumer Crypto

  • How does secure and verifiable decentralized identity empower individual sovereignty and drive mass adoption of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP)?

  • How can we link ZKP-powered digital identities to the real world through attestation and proof of personhood?

  • Understand how consumer cryptography and infrastructure can synergize with Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs)

Section 4: The Future of Rollups and DeFi

  • How can RaaS play a crucial role in the crypto industry by democratizing access to scalable rollup technology?

  • Which killer applications can benefit from diversified rollups and AppChains?

  • What are the infra needs for next-generation DeFi?

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Bruxelles, Bruxelles
685 Going