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🔥 Fireside Chat: Investing in Climate Tech w/ Sierra Peterson & Sarah Sclarsic

Hosted by Denise Devlyn & Candice Ammori
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🌱 Interviewed by Candice Ammori, attend this session to hear from the Voyager fund team on how they built their fund, think about investment, and explore new climate tech spaces to back.

About the Speakers
Sarah Sclarsic has been building and investing in transformative technology companies since 2009 and brings expertise in mobility, biotech, food and materials production and carbon removal. She co-founded car-sharing firm Getaround and served as the founding business director of Modern Meadow, the world’s first company making biofabricated leather and meat. Sclarsic enrolled in the PhD program at MIT in 2018 to research bioengineering strategies for carbon removal, completing her Master’s thesis before launching Voyager.

Sarah is a graduate of Harvard and of MIT, where she researched atmospheric carbon removal. She lives in New York City.

Sierra Peterson has been structuring markets, financial products and investments for climate stabilization since 2005 and brings expertise in energy, policy and financing. A Kauffman Fellow, she has invested in more than 25 early-stage climate tech companies since 2015. Previously, Sierra led corporate development teams at financial technology companies responsible for $3B+ in solar and energy efficiency financing. Her experience in climate policy and market design includes the Obama White House Office of Energy and Climate Change and the International Energy Agency.

Sierra is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard, where she researched lifecycle emissions analysis and carbon market design. Sierra lives in San Francisco with her husband and young daughter.

About the Interviewer

Candice Ammori advises climate tech startups and was most recently the Founding Director of On Deck Climate Tech where she built a startup ecosystem and invested in climate tech companies. In the last year, she brought together 750+ people from across the global climate tech ecosystem, from policy experts to investors and founders, and helped talented folks start dozens of impactful organizations. Before that, her career spanned finance, data science, VR, cloud computing, and running a local business. She has a grad degree in statistics (focused on the ethics of AI) from the University of Michigan.