How to Build a Functional Self-Awareness System (Office Hours)



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

I will teach you to build a self-awareness framework inside your Tools for Thought vault that will help you:

  • Engage your rational mind

  • Shush your monkey mind

  • Manage stress

This 6-week office hours event accompanies my summer email series: How to Build a Functional Self-Awareness System.

You will learn a series of atomic reflections.

Through the meta self-awareness reflections included in the email series, you will discover which one or two daily prompts to add to your journals or daily notes pages.

Office Hours Activities
• Answer questions
• Celebrate victories
• Trouble-shoot problems
• Share participants' implementation demos
• Discuss the frameworks included in the email series
• Share responses to the meta self-reflection questions

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