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Dutch Edtech Community Event: Shape the future of EdTech

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About Event

Join us for the Dutch EdTech Community Event, where we'll shape the future of EdTech. Network and connect with industry professionals passionate about revolutionizing education through technology.

Ready to meet fellow members of the Dutch EdTech community? We are excited to see you at our community event to discuss future trends, challenges, and potential opportunities for the EdTech sector in the Netherlands and on a global scale. This event will also be the perfect opportunity to network with other EdTech professionals and welcome some new members to our vibrant community!

Come join us at COWO (Marineterrein Building 001) on the 10th of October!


16.00-16.30 Walk in and registration

16.30-17.00 Introductions

  • Welcome by Ewoud de Kok

  • Updates from Dutch EdTech by Jitske van Os

  • Learning at the Marineterrein by Thijs Meijer

  • Networking activity explanation by Rüya Aysu Erdoğan

17.00-17.15 Shaping the Future of EdTech discussion

17.15-19.00 Networking drinks

For who?

  1. Dutch EdTech Founders: Open to active community members with the privilege to extend an invitation to a +1, specifically restricted to a C-level executive or management professional.

  2. International EdTech Representatives: Welcoming venture capitalists (VCs) and members associated with the European EdTech Alliance.

  3. Dutch EdTech Partners and Field Experts: Inviting distinguished partners and recognized authorities within the realm of Dutch EdTech.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🎉