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Thu, Jun 24, 6:30 PM UTC


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Discovering your personal core values is one of the critical focusing decisions that can make an amazing difference in how you live your life. As a person, our values reflect the fundamental choices of who we want to be. We derive a sense of fulfillment-ultimate happiness when living our personal values because our motivations and actions are aligned with the aspirations of who we want to be.

On 24th June, from 20:30 - 21:45, Viet Make It, together with Giang Pham - professional women and happiness coach, organize a community event to help Viet Makers identify their core values and explore how these values help them land a right choice in career and life decision.

The event consist of 2 parts:

Part 1: Introduction and presentation by Giang Pham

Part 2: Q&A

***Let us help you solve your difficulties in life decision, career choice, personal issues by sending us your questions and concerns. Don’t worry because your names and personal information will be kept anonymously.

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