Cover Image for Interview: Music distribution in an AI world, with Andreea Gleeson (CEO, TuneCore)

Interview: Music distribution in an AI world, with Andreea Gleeson (CEO, TuneCore)

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Creative AI has proven to be a powerful litmus test for several converging trends in the music business — from streaming fraud and the ongoing battle for label market share, to the double-edged sword of democratized music creation and content oversaturation, to a lack of unity in global approaches to copyright and data protections.

​At the critical juncture, join us for an in-depth interview with TuneCore CEO Andreea Gleeson and moderator Yung Spielburg to dive into the myriad industry trends swirling around creative AI, through the lens of one of the industry's most critical functions: Music distribution.

TuneCore recently inked a ​partnership with Grimes​, enabling TuneCore artists to distribute and monetize their own songs made with Grimes' voice AI model.

With this partnership as a case study, our discussion will dive into topics including:

  • ​Challenges (and potential solutions) music distributors face in dealing with an onslaught of AI songs

  • ​New, emerging royalty and revenue models around AI-generated music content

  • ​Trends in consumer behavior around AI songs

  • How AI may change music-industry power structures and dynamics

​All in all, we'll get down to the details on how AI does — and doesn't — change the way artists participate in the music economy, and how AI introduces new challenges and opportunities in partnerships between rights holders and tech companies.

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