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[Mini-Con] Strut into 2024 w/ Performance Coaching

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WTF is a Mini-Con??

​Imagine the wholesome vibes of an all-hands + the learnings/knowledge/connections you get from attending a full day conference.

Strut into 2024, Performance Coaching

​This month's Mini-Con is hosted by Anton Briones! From captivating audiences on stage to championing voices in corporate America, he has always been driven by the power of expression. Throughout his career as a founder, board member, artistic director, marketing director, designer, team leader, union member, freelancer, and storyteller, Anton have seen firsthand the transformative impact of inclusivity at every tier of an organization. Growing up as a performer, Anton embarked on his first global tour at the age of 11, and since then, has spent a lifetime ensuring that my voice, as well as those of my teams, are heard across the world.

​This event is exclusively for members of the Real Talk community. If you're interested in joining this session or future Mini-Cons, please grab your annual membership ASAP! We can't wait to welcome you to our tribe of powerful women in fintech.