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Build your immersive portfolio using virtual worlds

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In this interactive event, we will talk about how virtual worlds can be the next medium to deliver immersive portfolio for designers, photographer, & story tellers.

🐰About our speakers

Sonya Seddarasan is a Sr. principal product designer & an HCI practitioner for about 12 years now. With a history of working in the different industry, she aims to build products which make a difference. She is currently building a UPWorlds ✨🚀- a peer to peer marketplace for metaverse builders community.

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Pierre-Francois Gerard (MetaPierre) is co-founder at a VR design practice which strives to enhance people's spatial abilities through immersive design approach and virtual reality. Pierre built his first 3D graphical interface as part of his master in architecture. A couple of decades of design, 3D visualisation and research later, as a self describe VRchitect, he is designing virtual worlds and events in collaboration with artists, performers and designers.

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