The Officially Unoffical VIP Rooftop Kickoff Darty Sponsored by Revest Finance and Resonate



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Event Information

Welcome to one of Bogota's largest and coolest venues, Meeting House! This sky high restaurant and bar offers stunning views of Bogota to enjoy the sunset from.

With capacity for nearly 400 people, Meeting House is sure to be an amazing time for all the early arrivals to Bogota.

Due to a generous pledge from Revest Finance, the bar is completely open and food will be provided. For any company that would like to cosponer and put their name on the event as well, we would not say no to having more alchohol and drinks!

There will also be the option to buy topshelf bottles for anyone interested in going a little crazier than the prepaid menu entails.

We are going to kickoff ETH Bogota and Devcon the right way, with a proper Colombian rager! Come experience the life of the locals in one of the cities hottest clubs while the sun sets before we disperse to the cities nightlife.