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Sustainable Sips with Schilling Cider

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Rev up your taste buds and charge your spirits at the most electrifying happy hour in town! 

Join Work on Climate at Schilling Cider House in Fremont for an evening of cider drinking, networking, and learning! In 2023, Schilling became the first in its industry to commit to an electric vehicle fleet for its sales force, significantly reducing the company's carbon emissions and leading the industry to a greener way to do business. The sales force now rolls around in some of the most unique custom-branded EVs on the road. (Picture the design on a can of Schilling Cider’s Local Legend Semi Sweet on a car!) 

With Schilling's new EV fleet estimated to travel 100,000 miles annually, they forecast carbon emissions savings of 33.4 metric tons each year. The EV fleet will also help eliminate other emissions associated with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, including nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. This move will not only reduce emissions but also help in reducing noise pollution in residential areas, as electric motors run more quietly than gasoline engines. Schilling Cider hopes that their efforts in sustainability will inspire other businesses to electrify their fleets and take steps towards more sustainable business practices.

So gather in Fremont with us to learn more about Schilling’s commitment to sustainability, see some incredible electric fleet vehicles, and meet other professionals in the climate space!