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Croissants, Lune-Style

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Join me (on video) as I walk you through the homemade, hand-rolled croissant process in the new cookbook, Lune: Croissants All Day, All Night. This book is the definitive guide to making croissants and croissant-adjacent pastries like escargot, kouign amann, and pain au chocolat. It uses a novel and unusual approach to laminating that is far easier to pull off at home. The class focuses primarily on the creation of the dough itself (the hardest part) though I demonstrate shaping, proofing, and baking of a few basic products.

Note: This workshop is not a replacement for the book itself, it is meant as a complement to it. You will need to purchase the book if you do not already have one.

Purchase of the class includes 8 videos totalling more than 12 hours total, along with an extensive handout with my modified version of the recipe, notes on how I do the process, ingredient & equipment tips, and links to other resources.

You will get a link to the files immediately upon purchase.