Cover Image for ENS x Chainlink Meetup | 🇷🇸 ETH Belgrade
Cover Image for ENS x Chainlink Meetup | 🇷🇸 ETH Belgrade
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ENS x Chainlink Meetup | 🇷🇸 ETH Belgrade

Hosted by danimim.eth & 3 others
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About Event

✨ The new internet has arrived and now you can enjoy an incredible event with ENS and Chainlink!

Between names, identity and oracles, we will have amazing talks and, of course, a moment to enjoy good music, beers and delicious food.

🗓️ Agenda

6h00 PM - 6h30 PM – Welcome and Introduction (danimim.eth)

6h30 PM - 7h00 PM – Oracles Meets Names: Use Case Between Chainlink and ENS (alextnetto.eth)

7h00 PM - 7h30 PM – Scaling ENS to 1 Billion User: Strategies for Mass Adoption of ENS (thecap.eth)

7h30 PM - 9h00 PM – Party, networking

👉 This is an ETH Belgrade side event – sponsored by ENS Ecosystem WG and Chainlink, and powered by Namespace and Blockful.

If you need any help, feel free to DM these cool guys below:



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86 Going