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Hamstrings Freedom Workshop

Hosted by David Baylie
Past Event
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Do you struggle with tight hamstrings? Does this hinder your level of flexibility and speed of recovery? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you!

Causes of tight hamstrings: Inactivity sedentary life. Lack of hinge movements in modern life. Non-hinge, high hamstring strength (running, sports) Non-hinge gym & fitness routines.

Fact: 75% of injuries in running sports are hamstring injuries, and once injured there is an 80% risk of re-injury!

Hamstrings connection with back pain: limits anterior tilt of your pelvis, your lower back compensates for lack of pelvic tilt.

In this unique workshop, we'll focus on strength flexibility and balance related specifically to your hamstrings. In my workshop, I guide students through strength, flexibility and balance exercises to unlock tension in their hamstrings, allowing more freedom for their future runs and to aid in their recovery between running.

This event is 60 minutes long, and as you can imagine, students LOVE this experience.

You will walk away with a greater understanding of your hamstring muscles and how they relate to tight hips and stiff lower back issues. A practical mobility warm up routine and a deep stretch cool down routine that you can also incorporate on rest days to unlock the tightness and help you hit your next PB.

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