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Finding Fundraising Success in Fintech

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Fintech fundraising can be challenging. Learn what it takes to stand out in a fiercely competitive landscape? Join Nicole Casperson, Founder of Fintech is Femme along with Maia Monell, Co-founder & Growth at in this 45-minute session as they delve into the world of fintech fundraising, providing you with invaluable insights to address these challenges head-on. Discover funding options and the art of building investor relationships that can transform your fintech venture.

Nicole Casperson

Nicole Casperson is a journalist, podcast host, and the founder of media company Fintech Is Femme, leading the charge to create an equitable and diverse industry. With over 60,000 subscribers to her podcast and newsletter, Nicole is a trusted source of news, insights, and analysis.

​Before Fintech Is Femme, Nicole was a finance reporter, covering B2B niches. In 2022, she was named a Top Inspiring Female in Fintech by NYC Fintech Women and has been named a Top Influencer in Financial Twitter by and featured in the LA Times and Nasdaq Trade Talks. She is also a finalist for Fintech Nexus Industry Awards as a 2023 DEI Trailblazer.

​Nicole is a sought-after speaker, discussing topics like fintech, diversity, community building, and storytelling. She is also a regular contributor to, writing about topics that intersect gender equity, finance, and technology.

Maia Monell

Maia Monell is a leader in health technology. She is the co-founder and CRO of and was a founding team member of BridgeAthletic. Having seen the detrimental effects poor financial and mental health has on physical performance outcomes during her time at Bridge, Maia co-founded the financial health app, to leverage finance as a tool to improve overall health. Devoted to making preventative healthcare more accessible, Maia is a notable investor in healthcare, sustainability and economic development. Maia is also the founding partner of The Asteri Collective, a community for women leaders in asset allocation and family offices. She holds a MS in Marketing Strategy & Innovation from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass Business School) and a BA in English from Wake Forest University.