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Consensus | Meet the VC Brekky

Hosted by Steph Zoo & Litong Cao
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Austin, Texas
Past Event
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** This event is selective and typically oversubscribed, so we are prioritising founders and builders who are raising. If you’re raising, please make sure that you fill out all the form fields!**


Investor events seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but we’re here to deepen relationships between these two groups, to strengthen our ecosystem together. The purpose of this event is that everyone walks away with high quality conversations, and actual investments are facilitating.

We will not accept applicants from service providers and corporates, and those in partnerships/sales/business development roles.


9-11am Reverse Office Hours, builders are matched with VC's to facilitate more in depth conversations. No pitches as you've sent in your decks already

11-12pm Open Networking

Participating VC's:

AlphaLab Capital

From venture capital to market making, from liquidity provisioning to validator services, Expeditions is able to capitalise on the experience, technology, and liquidity of AlphaLab Capital’s successful prop trading activities.

Basics Capital

Basics Capital is a global blockchain industry fund focusing on the primary market to fuel the development of early-stage application layer projects, with investments from over 30 countries and regions worldwide, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and Russia, covering Wallet, NFT, DeFi, GameFi, DID, SocialFi and LaunchPad, covering various segments of the application layer.​

Big Brain Holdings

​Big Brain Holdings is a full-stack early stage and deeply crypto-native firm investing in world changing Web3 ideas. Capital Capital is accelerating the growth of early-stage Web3 companies. With US$500 million earmarked for investment, our venture arm leads early-stage token and equity rounds.

Gumi Cryptos Capital

gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) is the #1 blockchain-focused venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Japan. gCC focuses on backing the visions of the best global entrepreneurs, who are aiming at building or utilizing blockchain and crypto technology to solve business problems.

Longhash Ventures

LongHash Ventures specializes in bootstrapping Web3 ecosystems. Our venture funds invest in early-stage Web3 protocols, and our LongHashX Accelerator partners with ecosystems and protocols to accelerate early-stage founders.

Marshland Capital

Marshland Group, established in 2017, is a distinguished Accelerator and Family Office dedicated to nurturing pre-stage Web3 startups. Our mission is to empower dynamic teams with exceptional ideas as they strive to achieve product-market fit.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive support by strategically linking startups with suitable investors, service providers, and domain expertise. This approach ensures that our projects are optimally positioned for success.

As a sponsor of the upcoming event, Marshland Group looks forward to showcasing our commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the Web3 ecosystem. Join us as we continue to shape the future by investing in and supporting the brightest minds and groundbreaking ideas.

Mirana Ventures

Mirana Ventures is an early-stage crypto fund dedicated to supporting companies, protocols, networks and DAOs in the transition toward a more decentralized society. Our deal sizes range from $200k – $20million.

MSA Novo

MSA is a global $2b multi-stage VC with roots in web2 across US and Asia. We invest in web3 with a web2 lens and a focus on products enabling mass adoption.

Newman Capital

Newman Capital is a full-stack proprietary venture capital firm based in Asia. Our goal is to invest, mentor, and empower cutting-edge businesses with tech-driven solutions.

Orange DAO

​Orange DAO is a founder DAO of 1300+ members exploring and advancing web3 through investing in and supporting founders.