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EthDenver | Meet the VC Brekky

Hosted by Steph Zoo & Litong Cao
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Denver, Colorado
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** This event is oversubscribed, so we are prioritising founders and builders who are raising. We're capping each company at 2 people. If you’re raising, please make sure that you fill out all form fields! Please don’t be offended if you are a services provider or non-partner VC and we don’t accept you! 

If you are a VC and are interested in co-sponsoring, please contact us directly. 


Investor events seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but at EthDenver, we’re here to deepen relationships between these two groups, to strengthen our ecosystem together. 

  • Networking with Intention: rather than throwing everyone a fish bowl, there will be more matching

  • AMA: Candid responses from investors about your deepest questions 

  • Group Therapy: workshop specific issues with peers and investors 

Participating VC's:

AlphaLab Capital

From venture capital to market making, from liquidity provisioning to validator services, Expeditions is able to capitalise on the experience, technology, and liquidity of AlphaLab Capital’s successful prop trading activities.

Big Brain Holdings

Big Brain Holdings is a full-stack early stage and deeply crypto-native firm investing in world changing Web3 ideas.


Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and engineers in 2017, Hashed is the preeminent blockchain firm in Asia with a portfolio that spans the globe.

IOSG Ventures

IOSG Ventures was founded in 2017, which is a first-check crypto fund investing in Web3. We are a thesis-driven and community-friendly early-stage venture firm across China, Europe, and Singapore.


Mirana Ventures is an early-stage crypto fund dedicated to supporting companies, protocols, networks and DAOs in the transition toward a more decentralized society. Our deal sizes range from $200k – $20million.

NGC Ventures

NGC Ventures is one of the largest institutional investors of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and has been a key contributor to a number of leading blockchain projects.

Orange DAO

Orange DAO is a founder DAO of 1300+ members exploring and advancing web3 through investing in and supporting founders.