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EthCC | Meet the VC Brekky

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Bruxelles, Bruxelles
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​** This event is selective and typically oversubscribed, so we prioritise founders who are raising. If you’re raising, please make sure that you fill out all the form fields!**


​Investor events seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but we’re here to deepen relationships between these two groups, to strengthen our ecosystem together. The purpose of this event is that everyone walks away with high quality conversations, and actual investments are facilitating.

​We will not accept applicants from service providers and corporates, and those in partnerships/sales/business development roles.

If you are a VC, please fill out:


9-12pm Reverse Office Hours, builders are matched with VC's to facilitate more in depth conversations. No pitches as you've sent in your decks already

9-12pm Open Networking, Breakfast and Coffee for all attendees

Event Acceptance Calendar

Applications Open: May 10 - June 21

1-on-1 Meetings with VC's Notified: July 8

General Applications Accepted: Rolling Basis

Participating VC's:


Caladan, a leader in digital asset market-making, has been generating exceptional returns since 2017. Operating thousands of algorithms across numerous digital assets and exchanges, Caladan envisions blockchain technology as the foundation of our generation. With a commitment to innovation and building the future, Caladan stands at the forefront of exploring new possibilities in the blockchain domain.

Animoca Ventures

Animoca Ventures is the venture investment arm of Animoca Brands, a global leader in early stage investments in Web3 / blockchain companies and projects specializing in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. We live on the cutting edge of Web3, and find, fund and support builders that will be the giants of tomorrow’s Internet.

Basics Capital

Basics Capital is a global blockchain industry fund focusing on the primary market to fuel the development of early-stage application layer projects, with investments from over 30 countries and regions worldwide, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and Russia, covering Wallet, NFT, DeFi, GameFi, DID, SocialFi and LaunchPad, covering various segments of the application layer.

Blockchain Founders Fund

Blockchain Founders Fund is an early-stage vc fund investing $100k-$5M in Crypto, Web3, and Blockchain startups globally. HQ in Singapore, BFF has invested in over 130 preseed / seed startups in the last 3 years.

Cointelegraph Accelerator

Cointelegraph Accelerator is working with early-stage Web3 projects to boost their growth by leveraging its access to a native Web3 audience, marketing expertise, and a broad network of partners in the industry. Accelerator participants also get mentorship support over key aspects of Web3 startup growth, e.g., token launch, liquidity management, token incentives design, etc. The equity/token-based program aligns the interests of the accelerator and the participants, allowing them to build meaningful partnerships for sustainable growth. Capital Capital is a founder-first fund that supports early-stage companies as they build the future of Web3. Founders can count on us to provide key value-adds: our institutional network, liquidity, operating expertise, and access to a global user base.

Digital Finance Group (DFG)

Established in 2015, Digital Finance Group (DFG) stands as a global powerhouse in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments, managing assets exceeding $1 billion. Our expansive portfolio spans various sectors of the blockchain landscape, encompassing public blockchains, infrastructure, CeFi, DeFi, NFTs, and gaming.

IOSG Ventures

​IOSG Ventures was founded in 2017, which is a first-check crypto fund investing in Web3. We are a thesis-driven and community-friendly early-stage venture firm across China, Europe, and Singapore.

Infinity Ventures Crypto

​IVC (Infinity Ventures Crypto) is a crypto fund that invests in early stage Web3 companies worldwide. As Asia’s most active fund targeting the region’s booming crypto industry, IVC is supported by Circle, DCG, Animoca Brands, KuCoin, Bybit, OKX and Huobi. Since 2021, IVC has made over 190+ portfolio investments, including YGG, Oasys, JPYC, Scroll, Bware Labs and Com2Us.

Orange DAO

​​Orange DAO is the largest founder community of 1300+ YC and Orange DAO-backed founders building and investing in the future of crypto. We seek to build, accelerate, and mentor the leading repeat founders in the web3 ecosystem. One of our flagship programs is our Orange Fellowship that fast-tracks your path to build the next web3 unicorn with a 10-week structured program.

Outlier Ventures

​Outlier Ventures invests in creators building “The Open Metaverse,” a thesis and playbook outlining the future of freedom and equitable economics within digital environments. We are not only passionate about building the future, but we also have the depth of niche crypto expertise necessary in legal, structuring, branding, and token engineering to execute and help guide a project from zero to one.

Saison Capital

​Saison Capital is the venture arm of Credit Saison, one of Japan’s largest consumer credit companies. We invest in Seed to Series A companies across South East Asia and India. Although the mandate of the fund is sector agnostic, we like to work with founders that are building platforms or ecosystems that have the potential to distribute financial services to the underbanked.​


​Superscrypt is an early stage crypto-native VC whose mission is to onboard the next wave of builders and users into web3. We invest in category-defining web3 teams, and partner with them to scale their business. Our focus is on infrastructure and emerging use cases; including wallets, identity & credentials, developer tools, data indexing & search, scaling and privacy.

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Bruxelles, Bruxelles
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Presented by
We turn flash into fire // Crypto VC and Market-Maker // @caladanxyz