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LaaS Fireside: David Spinks (CMX)

Hosted by Lolita Taub
Past Event
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About Event

​Hey there. You're invited to our LaaS community fireside chat with David Spinks & Lolita Taub!

Lolita will speak with David for 20 mins and give you 40 mins to ask your burning questions. Some topics we're curious to discuss:

  • ​On becoming a community thought leader

  • CMX, a global community of community professionals

  • The Business of Belonging

  • Web 3.0

Speaker Bios

​David Spinks is Co-founder of CMX, VP of Community at Bevy, author, podcaster and more. He resides in San Francisco.

Lolita Taub is the founder of LaaS, investor in early-stage community-driven companies, creator and more. She resides in Mexico City, Mexico.


Will this event be recorded? Yes! We will upload the recording of our fireside chat in the LaaS Community Video Library (member exclusive).

What is LaaS? LaaS provides community, resources, and tools for early-stage underestimated founders, funders, and friends.

How can I reach out to LaaS or Lolita? You can do that here.

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