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Streamline your journalism research — A Wonder Tools workshop with Varia Research

Hosted by Jeremy Caplan & Georg Horn
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You're invited to a demo of Varia Research for Wonder Tools subscribers & guests.

What it is: Varia Research is an online application designed to make online research more efficient for journalists. If you're tired of getting lost in 50 open browser tabs, or copy/pasting links into a Word Doc, Varia Research may prove useful. 

What it does: Varia Research integrates media monitoring and research organization into one machine learning powered solution. So you can follow all the sources you need in customizable feeds - and store relevant content in smart dossiers: one story, one place.


  • Learn how Varia can be used for efficient research 

  • See how to get started with the easy to use application. 

  • Get started for free right after this session. Varia Research is a freemium product. 

Who: Varia Research is a product of Varia – a Munich based startup that I met briefly during their trip to NYC with the Media Lab Bayern (Bavaria). The intro session will be led by co-founder Georg Horn. 

Credentials: Varia is currently one of 5 startups in the EU-wide AI4Media program and is further supported by: Media Lab Munich, Nvidia Inception program, Microsoft for Startups and the MIZ Berlin-Babelsberg. Varia was a Contentshift finalist and shortlisted for the 2022 Digital Publishing Award. 

Other partners:  In addition to CUNY, Varia is rolling out cooperations with other leading journalism schools such as Germany’s Henri-Nannen School, Macromedia, and the Hamburg Media School. Their use case was demonstrated in a successful collaboration with Finland’s largest daily newspaper, the Helsinki Sanomat.