Cover Image for Women Thriving - Female Longevity & Vitality
Cover Image for Women Thriving - Female Longevity & Vitality
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As part of Longevity Week in Berlin, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an evening side event on Female Longevity on Tuesday, May 7th 2024.

The Longevity Week will bring together global thought leaders from startups, science, academia and medical communities, to shape the future of healthy aging and prevention.

Female longevity is a crucial part of this conversation due to the many health aspects unique to the female body, reproductive system and hormonal function. Women have been underrepresented in parts of clinical research design, which has resulted in gaps within gender health data and therefore a lack of understanding of how women’s reproductive systems influence the prevalence, presentation, and progression of aging.

We are beyond excited to welcome this amazing lineup of speakers to our panel:

- Audrey Tsang, CEO of Clue
- Isabelle Guenou Co-Founder & CEO of the blood
- Dr. Stasa Stankovic, Cambridge PHD in Genomic Medicine & consultant to Astrazeneca
- Dr. med. Leoni Matt, Medical Director at Femna Health

Event hosts: Ava Ghaiumy, Dr. med. Tamara Radaković

In this conversation, we will dive into these questions: What are the influence factors on female longevity - physical, mental, and socioeconomic? How can early signs of aging in women be monitored and detected? And how do cutting-edge research and technological breakthroughs contribute to prolonging female health span and the visibility of gender-specific health issues?

We will explore these questions with femtech entrepreneurs, medical experts as well as researchers from the field.

Join us on Tuesday, May 7th 2024, 5.30pm at the Google Offices Berlin!

This event was made possible in our collaboration with Longevity Week Team (big shout out to Christina Hanck and Judith Mueller for all the support), Google Berlin (Amelia Zins) and Aware Health.

Google Berlin
Tucholskystraße 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany
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