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Take the Reins: Be the CEO of Your Life

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Experience what it is like to be the CEO of your life. Take the reins and own it like it's a corporation.

Attendee Testimonials:

“I had a life changing realization during this workshop that I wasn’t previously aware of. It helped me focus on what I need to do over the next year to be my very best.”

~ Jeff L., Senior Ops Director, Financial Services

“I’ve never experienced a better vision casting and actual goal setting program in my career. Alison's thoughtful presentation and curation of exercises is a game changer!”

~ Shannon Rich, CEO, Oklahoma Hall of Fame; CEO & Founder, LeadHERBoard; Advocate for Women

“Great workshop! Alison is energizing and hugely motivating. The workshop is packed with lessons and tools to work throughout the workshop and after. I so excited and inspired to put everything I learned to work! I highly recommend.”

~ Debra Mansfield, Love & Relationship Coach


This Zoom-based experiential workshop is for leaders and aspiring leaders (start-ups, global corporations or looking for your next step, Founders, CEOs or just starting out!) who want to generate next level results!

The workshop is designed in such a way that no matter where you are in your success journey, you will walk away with the personalized value you need to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

In this highly interactive session, you will:

Be taken on an experiential journey as the CEO of Your Life

Have a safe space to notice how you currently play the game of life, and reveal new possibilities to get you where you want to be

Build your own personal (seriously personal to you) and structured plan for a VISIONARY and INSPIRED year ahead.

Engage with others and be inspired by new connections you would not likely have met otherwise

Walk out with a Challenge to help you with accountability and support

Plan for Zoom video cams on, and a fun 3 hours that will go FAST!

Let's Build a World of Leaders Together!


More attendee reviews:

“Grappling with the knowledge that there's a version of your life that you know can exist, but not really knowing how to get there is something I think a lot of us struggle with. Working through these huge goals that we have, but in a way that breaks them down and makes them much more attainable (if you show up for yourself) was game changing. For the first time in months I feel prepared to take those head on. Thank you so much Alison, truly. ”

~ Stephanie Seril, Vice President, Marketing

“This was a dynamic step back from the day to day in a very approachable format to define my personal values, goals to meet these and specific ways to be accountable. The revelations you helped me start to unpack around “how I play the game" were spot on to some of my own big rocks. Super unique and so worth it for anyone!”

~ CEO, Global Professional Services

“Are you ready to wake-up and be energized back into life? Then Alison's approach is for you. From the moment you meet her, you know you are in safe hands that will propel your imagination into the next realization of you. Her thoughtful, honest, and action oriented process opens your internal doors to explore all the potential that is already inside you... and get it out into the wild. Invest in yourself - this experience from The Lens Leadership is a game-changer.”

~ Carrie Nedrow, CIO/CISO

“I‘m so glad I invested my time. Professionally, I am a CEO of a nonprofit organization. Alison's program gave me the opportunity to pause, self-reflect, and check in with myself and make sure I'm aligned inside out so I'm able to show up every day, give my best, and make a difference in other's lives. This was a structured, resourceful, and engaging workshop that I highly recommend to everyone starting as young as 16 because I wish I had taken this workshop then and become more aware of the choices I had even then to lead an abundant life.”

~ Harini Senthilvasan, CEO, Non-Profit/Education

“Invest in this powerful workshop and make a personalized plan to increase your intentionality and impact”

~ N. Lee, Senior Marketing Executive, Global Cloud Security

“The format, atmosphere, and overall delivery of this experience were none other than amazing. I have clear and concise steps before me to assist me as I live the life of my dreams! The practical steps, clarifying conversations, and connections made here truly have the capacity to shift the trajectory of my life. Thank You!”

~ Tasha S., Speaker/Writer/Facilitator

“The workshop was a turning point for me, as it helped me gain clarity and excitement. It made me realize that instead of just focusing on a job or career, I need to find and pursue my calling. With this newfound insight, I am motivated and determined to make the most of the upcoming year.”

~ Julia Rumburg, Consultant

“I loved how creative and simple the framework was. Alison is a great coach and this program is not only fun and engaging but dives deep into your desires as a leader, tactics on how to identify priorities, and how to think about investing in yourself to realize your vision! Most workshops are fun in the moment, but my creative wheels are turning well past the end of this workshop. I am excited to prioritize what I learned. I’m coming away from this workshop with tangible next steps and ways to stay accountable. I recommend this workshop to anyone, especially if you feel stuck and are open to doing the work necessary to create an action plan for change. You'll laugh for sure, you might sing and dance, and most importantly you will walk away with clarity! Thank you for the learning opportunity!"

~ Desiree Therianos, HR leader

“Such a great way to get clear on Taking the Reins for this coming year! Alison led us in a systematic process to help uncover what is truly important in our lives and gave the avenue to develop goals, so to live in congruence.

~ Joe Holcomb, Certified Mindfulness Coach / Green Belt Six Sigma

“Alison is a passionate and caring coach who believes in the value of what she's providing and clearly has done the work to be able to impart her wisdom and knowledge to others.”

“Alison is born to coach inspire! I loved having the time and space to dive deeper into my psyche with a fresh perspective. Highly recommend.”

“I had a great time participating in the ‘Take the Reins: Be the CEO of Your Life Workshop’. Alison was an excellent guide throughout the sessions, assisting the group in crafting our blueprints- values, key priorities, goals etc. for the upcoming year.”

 “Alison is a wise, capable and caring coach who holds space in a professional and safe way so that you can really go deep and reflect on what it takes to be a successful CEO of your life! Her workshop gives you time to reflect on many areas of your life and open up your heart & mind to so many possibilities. Great workshop I would highly recommend!”

“I highly recommend this session to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you always need someone to help you connect with yourself and be the CEO of your life! Alison is the one to hold your hand….”

“This work seemed so simple and uncomplicated AND it was profound. The awareness I gained into myself, even as someone who is trained as a psychotherapist, are tremendously valuable. I know the impact this will have on my life will resonate for years to come.”

“This was an amazing and inspirational, but also quite practical, Alison helped me define a plan for the next year!”

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