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Block Dojo Investor Dinner | The Web3 Incubator

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Block Dojo and our fantastic blockchain start-ups would like to invite you to join us for an investor dinner to showcase our Fourth cohort!

Block Dojo and our fantastic blockchain start-ups would like to invite you to a unique three-course meal. Join other like-minded investors at a prestigious restaurant in Central London. Get the first public opportunity to meet our current cohort of blockchain start-ups seeking investment.

​This event will give you early access to the SEIS Advanced Assured investment round and showcase the developments the start-ups have achieved over the 12-week Dojo programme.

Block Dojo Cohort Four Start-ups:

CarStash 🚗 - Charles Fiebel

​Tokenizing cars into NFT digital-twins, to store service and ownership information directly on the blockchain. Once the car has been tokenized, CarStash can store assembly and maintenance records, current and previous owners, pictures, videos and more.

RumbleBox 🏅- James Hart  

Helping fans own sports. Democratising sports league funding with blockchain technology, enabling fans to receive real-world utility benefits of sports ownership including event tickets, rewards and governance. Esports, influencer boxing and MMA are key focus areas.

​Repolify 💻 - Artur Lucyk  

​A decentralised sentiment-data platform for citizens to understand, contribute and participate in the political process. A tool for direct, more accessible, and influential political participation.

​Squadbond 👫- Faizan Desai  

An employee engagement and project management tool that enables companies to create high-performing remote teams with inclusive and sustainable cultures to drive value immediately by keeping the employees at the heart of the organization.

​The Travelverse 🌍 - Alex Hurd  

Designed to capture and provide immersive interaction with the great cities of our planet and their attractions, landmarks, hotels and local cultures by presenting them in a virtual world and powering a physical-digital crossover experience for travellers and service-providers alike.

Gud Italia 🍝 - Jonathan Silvestri

​A farm-to-table Italian food discovery and delivery service. Gud Italia is an online farmers’ market covering all 20 regions in Italy with over 500 producers and 10,000 products. Their origins and journeys are traced via the blockchain and delivered via a curated shopping experience.

​Libro Publishing 📚 - Arsim Shillova  

​Revolutionising the book publishing industry through blockchain technology. Libro is creating a decentralized, digital infrastructure that enables aspiring authors to upload manuscripts, and the creative community to recommend, communicate and exchange value.

​ 👩‍⚖️ - Lena Rantsevich  

A decentralised platform that enables the creation of verified reputations, validates and tracks reputations and transferable soft-skills on-chain, and connects candidates with employers seeking more than just sector skills and experience.

​Sprooce 🏡 - Dimitar Hadzhiradev  

​A cost-efficient, automated property-management tool. Sprooce helps landlords with 1 to 10 properties to manage their renting, yield, performance and maintenance via a combined SaaS and Marketplace.

WleePay 💸 - Lionel Bernard  

​A mobile-first, financial services platform uniquely positioned to provide access to high quality financial services. Wleepay will initially launch in the small but untapped Liberian remittances market where 60% of Liberians already own a smartphone, and then expand to Sierra Leone and the wider emerging African markets.

This event is sponsored by:

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