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Synapse 101

Hosted by The Vertex Project
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About Event

About Us

The Vertex Project creates technology for analytical teams to provide intelligence-driven insights to decision makers.

Synapse is a central intelligence system created to support analyst teams in every stage of the intelligence life cycle. Synapse’s data store (aka “a Cortex”) is organized as a hypergraph. Its features include scalability, key/value-based node properties, and a data model which facilitates normalization. This is open source and the easiest way to get started is the QuickStart Guide.

Our commercial offering, Synapse Enterprise, is an on-premises solution that includes the Synapse UI (aka "Optic") and a large suite of integrations called Power-Ups. The license includes unlimited users and does not limit the amount of data or number of instances you deploy. We also take a white-glove approach to each deployment where we're with you every step of the way from planning deployment sizes to helping to train your analysts.

Who is Synapse 101 for?

Synapse community members, leaders of established cyber threat intelligence teams, or organizations in the beginning phases of starting one. This webinar is designed to be a 101 introduction to The Vertex Project's commercial offering- Synapse Enterprise.

What To Expect

Security operations and incident response teams want intelligence alerts on newly emerging threats in real-time. During Part 1 (~30 min.), a Vertex analyst will walk attendees through this familiar scenario for CTI teams, all from within the Synapse central intelligence system. We’ll demonstrate how an analyst receives an IR support request via JIRA, performs analysis, and provides data back to the IR team without ever opening another browser tab. 

During Part 2 (60 min.), attendees will learn how Synapse works in more detail. Because Synapse is a shared environment with a unified view into your data and organizational knowledge, users within your organization can perform their own research directly - whether the IR team, SOC team, etc. You’ll also hear how using the Synapse central intelligence system provides seamless fusion of data across platforms and teams, promoting more efficient and reproducible processes. 

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Researching & Enriching IOCs- The ability to research unknown indicators or view context and quickly find answers is due to Synapse's data store (nodes and associated tags) which becomes larger and richer over time. Together, we’ll look at some of the ways this data (nodes) and context (tags) is added within Synapse.

  • How to Add Data- There are multiple ways to add data in Synapse. For example, you can use Power-Ups for data ingestion at scale, the Spotlight Tool for triaging reports, and the Ingest Tool for loading CSV or JSON data.

  • Automation of Tasks Using Triggers and Macros- Automation is useful for carrying out tasks, from the tedious (pull in AS data) to the more complex (automatically obtaining additional data about an indicator when some criteria is met). Automation can also be used to make your analysis more efficient.

  • Answering Analytical Questions- All of these tools and processes allow analysts to leverage Synapse to provide intelligence-driven insights to decision-makers. Synapse goes beyond answering simple questions and allows you to ask and answer powerful, data-driven analytical questions.

Recommended Resources

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