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UXL Designathon '23: Playful Navigation

Hosted by UX Laurier
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About Event

Playful Journeys Inspire Change

Life is an adventure - while we are all reaching for a destination, the journey is often more important. How can you redefine navigation to be both fun and functional? Let your inner child run wild at UX Laurier’s second annual 36-hour designathon! 🌸🌈 

What is a UXL Designathon?

The UXL Designathon is a virtual event dedicated to encouraging students from all backgrounds to open up their minds, let their creativity flow, and create a user-centric design. Get ready to unleash your creativity, inner child, and bring your ideas to life as you tackle our open-ended prompt. We’re welcoming student designers across Canada to join us on the weekend of March 3rd-5th. Get ready for a weekend of learning about design, practicing your skills, and meeting UX professionals through mentorship, networking and workshops!

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 27th, 2023

Who can participate?

Any undergraduate student in Canada! We welcome ALL levels, backgrounds, universities and colleges!


Students can work in teams of 2-4. **All team members must apply separately! Teams will work together on the same challenge for the entirety of the event to present their innovative, creative, and playful design.

Love the idea of the designathon, but don’t have a team? Sign up as a free agent to put your skills to the test and UXL will take off the rest. 

Why participate? The best way to put your design skills to the test.

✅ Gain experience designing in a team
✅ Add a project to your portfolio 
✅ Network with UX and Product Design professionals from some cool and prestigious companies 
✅ Win some great prizes! 

With over $5000 in prizes, join us in funding your next great idea, building your portfolio, or splurging on something special. 

That's right over $5000!

How to apply

✏️ Apply in the form on our Luma event page 
✏️ Make sure everyone on your team has applied 
✏️ Wait in excitement until we send out acceptances on February 28th, 2023 

APPLICATIONS DUE: February 27th, 2023


UX Laurier is creating an inclusive community for students from all backgrounds to learn, practice and explore the exciting world of UX design✨

We know that design can be intimidating for many students. Our goal is to cultivate a space for folks interested in design to come together to develop their skills, share resources, connect with industry professionals, collaborate on epic projects, and put the skills they learn into some serious action. 


It’s time to discover what exciting adventures lie ahead. Remember, every turn is an opportunity to explore and every destination is an invitation to play. 🌸