The Brave Start Up Information Evening



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Event Information

Who is this session aimed at?

A number of our members talk about the idea of starting a business or exploring an idea they have for a business.  We’d like to pilot a programme for people in this position to support you identify if starting a business would be a good future path for you to take. Ideally, we really want people who have time to dedicate to a programme.  We will firm up on dates and share them in the information session itself but we would discourage people from joining if you work full time and know you would struggle to find the day a week we anticipate this programme needing over a period of several months.

What will it cover?

  • We’ll talk about how the programme will be structured

  • We’ll introduce you to Mike and Lucy who will be your programme coaches

  • We’ll manage expectations about what is realistic.

  • We’ll talk you through the content of the programme

  • We’ll give a realistic idea of the skills we think you will develop over the time

We will also make sure there is good space and opportunity for you to meet each other.

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