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Dmitry Raidman

Dmitry is a Canadian-Israeli entrepreneur and cybersecurity professional who has been around the technology ecosystem for over two decades. Dmitry’s specialty is in application security, cloud architecture, DevOps, DevSecOps, and automation of cyber-defense mechanisms. Dmitry co-founded Cybeats in 2016. In late 2018, Dmitry joined the NTIA group that worked to shape the SBOM standard. In 2020, Dmitry invented SBOM Management to help Enterprises consume and manage SBOMs. To give back to the cybersecurity community Dmitry co-founded the Security Architecture Podcast during COVID19 pandemic in 2020. Today Dmitry leading the innovation, technology, and product in Cybeats as CTO and participates in various working groups to define the future of SBOM, VEX, CSAF while following his passion for software supply chain transparency and security.
Joined October 2023