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Investing in US Stocks from India : Masterclass by Vested

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In the last decade, Tesla saw returns of over 15000%.
Apple saw its market cap increase 7-fold.
Google saw its stock price increase 5x.

US stocks have conventionally seen much higher rates of return due to these companies' high speed of innovation and their knack for building truly global brands.

But investing in US stocks for someone in India has always been really cumbersome and full of lengthy documentation, legalities, money transfer and tax compliance issues, etc. 

All these problems have held the common investor from investing in US stocks and benefitting from these exceptional returns.

Not anymore.

Viram Shah, Co-Founder, and CEO at Vested Finance is coming to Stoa School to talk about how you as a young, tech-savvy investor today can leverage the Vested platform to quickly and seamlessly invest in your favorite US equities like Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Fiverr, Microsoft... there are lots of good companies out there to invest in foreign markets!

This free masterclass is happening on Thursday, 12th August, at 8 PM  IST. 

It is for you if you are

- Someone who has started investing post-2020 and are willing to explore investment opportunities outside of India
- Haven't figured out what tools to use or how to go about investing in US equities
- Are just curious about the current investment and market environment 

A little bit about Viram and Vested Finance:

Before Vested, Viram previously has had 3+ years of experience in investment banking at J.P. Morgan in India — covering Asian Telecom, Media, and Technology clients. He has also worked with startups in the data analytics, fintech, and machine learning space.

Vested Finance is a fin-tech platform that empowers international investors (starting with investors from India) with access to the US stock market. The company is working on making US investing more accessible and convenient to Indians.

Join us for the free masterclass and get started investing in US stocks. Feel free to bring your investment questions along and Viram will be more than happy to answer them.

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We'll see you on Thursday.