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Urbit - A clean-slate OS and network for the 21st century. Read more.

The meetup takes place as part of the L2Loft initiative.

Date: Thursday 8 June, 2023
Expected time: 14:00 - 16:00 (it may change!)


  • Owen Barnes (~locruc-fonmec) - The Future of Apps

  • More TBA

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The Future of Apps Talk

We all use them multiple times a day, but what exactly are apps? How do they work, and how should they work?

Why is our personal data locked away in squares on our phone, and what is the alternative?

In this talk I show a new way of thinking about apps and computing, using a combination of open protocols and a personal AI that draws personalised, disposable user interfaces upon demand.

I'll also be answering the question "What is Urbit?" and demonstrating some of the things you can do with it today.


More about Urbit

Urbit is a new kind of computer that you can own completely in ways that matter: networking, identity, & data.

We realized that in order to fix the internet, we had to build a new computer from scratch. Good thing we started over a decade ago.

Today, Urbit is a real system with thousands of users that are building all kinds of communities, software, DAOs, and more. And it’s getting better every day.