Cover Image for The Universal Privacy Alliance Launch Event @ ZK House

The Universal Privacy Alliance Launch Event @ ZK House

Hosted by Manta Network, Harry Halpin (NYM) & Candice | Nym
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About Event

About the Event

The Universal Privacy Alliance (UPA) Launch event marks the inauguration of the UPA, an alliance focused on defending and educating the world on Internet and web3 privacy. This event is led and sponsored by Nym and Status.

Hosted at ZK House Bogotá, led and sponsored by p0xeidon labs, Scroll, Veridise, and Polychain.

Schedule of Events

  1. 12:00PM - Welcome Remarks by Manta Network and Nym

  2. 12:15PM - Keynote with Edward Snowden

  3. 1:00PM - Privacy Panel with Manta Network, Nym, Aztec, Polygon, and ZCash

Roster of Speakers

  1. Edward Snowden

  2. Michelle Lai

  3. Kenny Li - Cofounder, p0xeidon labs & Manta Network

  4. Harry Halpin - CEO, Nym

  5. Silvia Aran - BD Lead, Polygon ID

  6. Jon Wu - Growth, Aztec

  7. Josh Swihart - SVP Growth, Electric Coin Company