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Crash Course: Gen Chem 2

Hosted by Ryan Eldin
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What: 3-hour crash course on high-yield Gen Chem 2 (all based on current DAT questions you have to know).

Taught by Bootcamp’s Kyle Christenson, who scored a 30 on GC. Learn to think like a DAT expert.

What we'll cover:

  • Ideal Gas Assumptions

  • Combined and Ideal Gas Law

  • Density

  • Grahams Law of Effusion

  • Daltons Law of Partial Pressures

  • Intermolecular Forces

  • Phase Changes and Diagrams

  • Polarity

  • Molality and Molarity

  • Concentrations

  • Net Ionic Equation and Solubilities

  • Solubility and Henry’s Law

  • Colligative Properties

  • Raoult’s Law

  • Osmosis

  • Rate Laws and Constants

  • Integrated Rate Laws

  • Reaction Coordinate Mechanisms

  • Catalysts

  • Collision Theory and Arrhenius Equation

  • Rate Laws and Elementary Steps

☑️ High-yield and question application focused

☑️ Mnemonics and memory aids for helping info stick

☑️ Learn to think like an expert test taker

Prerequisite Coursework:

Prior to attending this General Chemistry 2 Crash Crash, please review Dr. Mike's Videos Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Why: Distill weeks of learning into 3 hours. Stop feeling like you're wasting time and let's learn faster, together.

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