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A groundbreaking partnership has emerged from two visionary designers; Amin, of Palestinian ethnicity, and LEV, of Jewish descent.

Born from this partnership is a hand-crafted Denim Set steeped in symbolism.

To broaden their impact, LEV and Amin are assembling a gallery exhibition that will include the original art piece and ancillary art to tell their story.

"UNITY aims to recognize the value of protecting human life by using art as a catalyst for unfiltered conversation." 

The exhibition will also showcase Amin’s original framed assemblage art titled “PATTERNSCRAPS,” along with an enlarged triptych print of Amin's fabric shears, photographed by Lev. The historical shears were inherited from Amin’s neighbor Leo, a 100-year-old Holocaust survivor who crafted clothing to evade persecution. They represent a poignant and tangible emblem against division, oppression and genocide.

10% of gallery sales will go directly to Doctors Without Borders, a non-partisan international humanitarian organization that offers emergency medical care to populations in crisis.

Lev and Amin have also partnered with the 501(c)(3) Make Art Not War Foundation to facilitate an additional 10% of contributions.

Learn how to contribute at:

1634 W Temple St
Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
180 Going