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Freud's Concept of the Unconscious: IndieThinkers Workshop

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About Event invites you to join us for an interactive 2-hour workshop on Freud's theory of the unconscious, hosted by philosopher and author Cadell Last.


IndieThinkers' workshops are designed to significantly and efficiently improve your command of essential ideas in intellectual history. A workshop combines:

  • One crucial and challenging text, which you're required to read in advance

  • One 2-hour meeting, composed of a short lecture and extended group discussion

Required Reading

On Dreams is a condensed version of Freud's masterwork The Interpretation of Dreams. At about 50 pages, you should plan to read it carefully over the course of a week or two, depending on your reading speed. We strongly encourage participants to take notes and come to the workshop with ideas, hypotheses, or at the very least questions.

You'll be emailed the text when you register.

Other Benefits

You're very likely to meet other interesting people working on projects related to the theme of the workshop. The community includes authors, academics and post-academics, bloggers, Youtubers, podcasters, engineers, and startup founders.