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Cover Image for Unlock the Potential of Bitcoin DeFi with ALEX
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Unlock the Potential of Bitcoin DeFi with ALEX

Hosted by Stacks Foundation
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ALEX: Building the Bitcoin Economy Together

Unlock the potential of Bitcoin DeFi with ALEX: Seamlessly merge L1 assets with L2 solutions, empowering builders with composable code blocks, unified liquidity, and a vision for a thriving ecosystem.

About the Workshop:

Dive into the forefront of Bitcoin DeFi with our workshop, "ALEX: Building the Bitcoin Economy Together," led by Business Development Lead, Hadan Esperidiao. Discover how ALEX is shaping the financial layer of Bitcoin by bridging L1 assets with L2 solutions. Through insights drawn from our experience as builders, we'll explore major trends in Bitcoin DeFi, tackling both technical and financial challenges. From composable code blocks and public APIs to the XLink Bridge and our Multichain Launchpad, we'll showcase how ALEX supports builders and emerging projects.

Approach Bitcoin DeFi not just as a competitor to ETH or SOL, but as a challenger to Traditional Finance. Let's collectively strategize on how to incentivize $1T in Bitcoin capital to actively participate in Bitcoin DeFi, transforming dormant assets into engines for growth and yield generation.

Our vision is to foster a vibrant DeFi ecosystem on Bitcoin, and this workshop invites you to be a part of it.

Additional Details:

Join us for an interactive session where we'll delve into:

  • Introduction to ALEX and Founders

  • ALEX's journey: From year one motivations to the Finance Layer transition

  • Technical and financial challenges in Bitcoin DeFi

  • Support mechanisms for builders and emerging projects

  • Future trends shaping Bitcoin DeFi

  • Project examples integrating ALEX technology

  • Preferred project ideas and how to translate DeFi success to Bitcoin layers

Target Audience:

This workshop caters to beginners and all participants interested in exploring Bitcoin DeFi, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and innovation.

Date: Tuesday, Mar 12

Time: 3.30pm - 4.30pm EST

Location: Zoom link will be sent to your email. Kindly sign up using the same email associated with your Ready Layer 2 application.

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