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Launched in 2000, India Fashion Forum (IFF) is India’s largest and most influential fashion retail intelligence event. Over 22 years, it has come to be widely recognised as a powerful platform for curated knowledge dissemination, peer-to-peer networking and business development for all organisations and professionals connected to the business of fashion in India.

About IFF Innovators Club

The world over, most business events focus on the C-Suite as the ambassadors and spokespersons of organisational best practices and industry intelligence. In the Business of Fashion, however, it is the artists and strategists in the labs and studios who create the masterpieces that wow and determine the future of a brand or company. From trend- and influence-spotting to sourcing, from conceptualising to designing, and from developing ranges to in-store merchandising, they are the visualisers and designers who create the magic of outstanding fashion retail.

India Fashion Forum is proud to champion these often-unsung heroes of  Indian fashion retail, with the IFF INNOVATORS CLUB movement to broadcast the value creation delivered by the extraordinary universe of Indian talent in fashion sourcing, design and merchandising. We intend to launch a nation-wide initiative through roadshows, masterclasses and limited-edition events to take this message powerfully forward.

The catalysis begins with IFF 2023 (28 Feb - 1 Mar, 2023; Conrad Bengaluru), which features a fantastic collection of sessions, masterclasses and showcases focussing on these functional areas. 


Discuss real cases of driving innovations with vendors, collaborations with suppliers, envisioning trends before competition.

IFF 2023 presents The Innovators Club Roundtable — an electrifying line-up of best-in-class fashion product design, development, buying sourcing and merchandising professionals @ fashion and retail companies. Listen to unique narrations of spectacular innovation — on a specific new product or category evolution/ marketing launch — that got the shoppers stunned, and the competition stumped.

DESIGN FOR ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - accelerating waste reduction for retailers, brands & manufacturers

Having worked in the fashion and lifestyle retail from fibre to retail, we realise that one out of every two products made in the industry, consumers do not want. Over 50% of products made are sold on discounts and close to a third across the entire value chain goes to landfills. Further, there is an economic wastage of over USD 600 B per annum. Are we not all responsible for some of these landfills during our journeys in the industry working with global brands and retailers. The amount of wastage and landfill is REAL.

Sadly, fashion is amongst the top 3 in carbon footprint along with oil and food. Not only that the profitability of the industry in barely single digits. We have a huge challenge on our hand from both economic and environmental sustainability. How do we take on this challenge and how cutting-edge technology can help with a paradigm shift in our thinking process… Keeping "Consumer at the Centre"

While there is a lot of initiative around sustainability in the material, reuse space (which is important), less is talked about avoiding waste in its first place. This is the biggest elephant in the room. Let’s discuss.

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