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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Classroom w/ AI

Hosted by Travis Lish & Jethro Jones
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AI will have a bigger impact on schools than the internet.

How you choose to respond to AI will determine how well you prepare your students for the real world. Join the movement of educators who are using AI to set themselves free, supercharge their classrooms, and empower their students to succeed in the real world.

In this series, we're sharing 5 ways for teachers to 10x their productivity in the classroom using AI. With each session, you'll:

  1. Feel the power of community as we grow into new tech together.

  2. Comprehend a bigger picture of what education will look like in the future.

  3. Know how to apply existing tech into your classrooms today.

The movement is happening, the change is real. Will you be a part of it?